Monterey, TN to Arlington, VA

Lots of driving today! We were on the road at 7am, and reached our hotel at 8:30pm. We drove the whole day only stopping to eat and get fuel.

We did take one detour while fueling up to go visit the Oak Ridge Laboratory. We reached the gate and were greeted by an officer, who had about 3 automatic weapons strapped to him, who let us know it was not ok that we were attempting to access Federal property. He had to take my id, photograph of both myself and the car, and fill out a form regarding my trying to visit. I was then escorted through turning the car around and out! But we are absolutely ok with them needing to be safe! We should have gone to the museum instead.

For the remainder the driving was pretty straight forward until we reached Virginia, which is undergoing flash floods. The rain is extremely intense and we are watching out the window as the streets become more and more flooded!

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