Dawn patrol… a morning with the racehorses!

This morning we went for a visit to the local Thoroughbred racetrack, Monmouth Park. They have a great program that allows the public to sign up for what’s known as “Dawn Patrol.” At dawn patrol there is a guide who explains to the guests how the racetrack works, everything from the jockey’s equipment (we got to go into their locker room), to the trainer’s certifications, and then they take you on a tram ride around the entire facility including through the back barn area.

Another important part of the morning was the introduction of the program, Second Call. Second Call helps advocate for new homes for racehorses who have retired from Monmouth Park. These horses go on to be show jumpers, eventers, dressage mounts, and pleasure horses.

It was a beautiful morning at this quintessential Jersey Shore location. And everything was in perfect order because next weekend is the 1 million dollar Haskell Classic race.


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