An Aveda afternoon!

I spend most of my free time talking to Rasmus on the phone, riding horses, and going to the gym. But I try and take time to make sure I also take care of myself, and I do love beauty products!

Something that I always try and pay attention to is my hair. I’ve gone through many phases of colors, styles, long/short, etc. and changing your hair color can be very hard on the hair. The style I tend to be happiest with is medium/long blonde hair. Because my natural color is a brunette/dark blonde color, bleach is required to get it lighter. But bleach is very hard on the hair cuticle, and causes my hair to be very dry and stiff. With my lifestyle: at the barn, at the gym, at the office, it’s hard to keep my hair perfectly styled, so I tend to go with “up” looks, or down, natural styles.

In order to keep my blonde cool and not brassy, I use Aveda’s purple shampoo and conditioner. Daily I use their Damage Remedy daily product, and twice a week I use their Damage Remedy rescue mask. Two new products I’m excited to try are a conditioner for dry hair, and a product that is highly recommended for wavy hair that needs nourishing. Aveda also sent me some fantastic samples of their curly hair line, and a thickening line which I can’t wait to try!


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