An exciting 5k race this morning!

This morning I participated in an exciting 5k run for women. The entire race was a triathlon, with the option to also do just a bike/run, or just the run. I chose to do just the run. And I finished 3rd overall! It was very fun and it was a beautiful environment, located at the Sandy Hook beach on Gateway National Park. This location used to be a military base, and the race went through the old general’s neighborhoods and along the coast line. The event was the Iron Girl Sandy Hook race. We had beautiful warm weather with a gusty breeze.

Last night I watched a Prefontaine movie to get inspired, and had a turkey meatball sandwich to give me protein and carbs – and drank a LOT of water! This morning I had a bagel and coffee before the run to be sure I had quick energy. Last night I also iced my knees and ankles, since they can get random pains sometimes. After the race I had chocolate milk to refuel and replenish my muscles! It was a great morning and I can’t wait for the next race!

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