A Beautiful Evening for a Good Cause

This weekend I attended a fundraiser for Monmouth Medical Center’s Unterberg Children’s Hospital with my mother, and it was hosted by our beloved family friends Ann and Tom Unterberg. We drove down the long garden side driveway, through beautiful lights, and were greeted by an army of tuxedo clad valet’s. We then walked down another perfectly manicured garden path, lined with photographs of children from the hospital and their stories.

As we reached the main event tent, it was a mixture of elegance and whimsy. There were umbrellas hung upside down from the tent rafters, with magnificently large flowers arrangements placed around the tent. In the center of the tent was a large square area selling the umbrellas, as well as tee shirts and adorable gifts, all to raise money for the hospital.

We had a lovely evening reminiscing with friends and acquaintances from our community over delicious hors d’oeuvre’s and drinks, everyone dressed in their favorite end of summer cocktail attire. A large part of the evening was based around art. There were works of art, that were made by children in the hospital, up for auction. These were a huge hit! They were creative, beautiful, and held so much meaning. There were also art works for sale by famous local artists which were being donated for the cause as well. The artworks were such a rich and emotional piece of the evening.

I am so grateful to have attended this event, and beyond grateful for the Unterberg’s to have built this hospital.

Some photos of my mom and I before we left for the event.

Some selfie’s with my mom, Ann, and myself!

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