A Haunted Date Night: Movie, Dinner, the GLOW

Last night was wonderful. It was the kind of date night I wish I could have with Rasmus every week (and plan to once I’m in Norway!). It was packed with activities, and just a lot of fun. First we went to see The Girl on the Train, which was great and really set the tone of our Halloween themed evening. We then had dinner, followed by….. The GLOW.  (Boots by Coolway)

The Glow is a “jack o’ lantern” experience located at the world famous Monmouth Park Racetrack. As soon as we entered we were greeted by an overwhelming amount of pumpkins, and, glow! Rasmus purchased a beer and we began the walk. We watched an artist masterfully carve faces into pumpkins, then we followed a trail of jack o’ lanterns into the clubhouse. With Halloween music playing loudly, it was hard not to be in the spooky spirit. We watched people get their faces painted, and even took some photos with creepy ghouls, statues of scary things, and go in line for the main attraction.

When we got outside we went into jack o’ lantern wonderland. With the halloween tunes blaring, we walked through about a mile of intricate and massive jack o’ lantern displays. (One was even set up as two horses!) They had motorcycles, celebrities, cartoons, musicians, and more. The trees were also decorated with lanterns, and there was a skeleton band display. It was very cool and a really fun way to spend the evening.


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