Homespun pumpkin carving!

Earlier this week we went pumpkin picking at the local patch. The next day we carved the pumpkins, and then had a beautiful dinner with my family.

Rasmus has never carved a pumpkin before but he caught on very quickly. We set up the table with two large glass cake pans, which we used to catch any droppings from the carvings. We also put a large mixing bowl in the middle of the table to put all of the pumpkin insides. I showed him how I carve: I started by cutting a lid with a steak knife (circle around the stem), then began cleaning the inside, loosening it up with a fork, and then carving out the loose parts with a spoon. Once the pumpkin was entirely gutted, I sketched out my design on the pumpkins outside. Then I carved it with a steak knife. Soon my pumpkin was complete.

Rasmus did an excellent job with his soon after. We then had a great dinner.

That evening, after dinner, we put candles inside and took photos of the pumpkins illuminated with light!

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