5 mile refresh… Beauty and the Beach

This Sunday morning I woke up and went on a beautiful run! This one was called Beauty and the Beach which raised money for a children’s charity. It ran along the boardwalk in Long Branch, NJ. The run was gorgeous, it’s not everyday you can run in perfect weather with a group of women dressed up in Halloween costumes, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean.

This run was particularly lovely. Running is such a wonderful way to both clear my mind and also reinforce discipline. I usually run a 5k (3.1 mile) race every weekend, so the 5 miles made me adjust my routine a little which was nice.

I did a lot of thinking and a lot of planning in my head!

Something I thought a lot about was what I get out of doing these races. My main goal is maintaining an active and positive life, and this definitely does that. I also like to have a goal of something to train for during the week, and see true results. I also like the community and excitement of the events, some do this more so than others! Health and fitness are very important to me, and over the summer between the cross country drive and wedding, I got out of my groove. Since becoming “Mrs. Eriksen” I have completed 10 races, with more to come. I hope to share with you soon my training plan, motivations, struggles, and goals!

Thank you to my dad for coming to cheer me on and take pictures!

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