Christmas in paradise!!!

Today we woke up to another day in paradise, and had a delicious egg and sausage soufflé, traditional on holidays for my family. It was so great! We then opened a bunch of presents and were so grateful 💗 after this we went to Church at the Island Methodist church and were welcomed with open arms to their mass. I always enjoy going to Church, it makes me remember to stay humble, grateful, honest and keep in mind other people’s struggles… but also the miracles that God can provide us with.

When we arrived home we jumped into the boat and headed back to the beach where we enjoyed the gorgeous day and sunshine. Rasmus and I played in the waves and then chatted for hours while sitting on beach chairs on the shore. It was blissful! Rasmus is so interesting to talk to, he has such a clear and educated take on politics, and is both funny and level headed to talk to. We had a great time, while also trying to ignore the video drone that was hovering around us 🙈


We then returned home to the house to rest before going to dinner. We dined for Christmas dinner at the Morada Bay restaurant. We all had amazing fish meals, with festive cocktails. It was a gorgeous sunset, and a beautiful time. I also overheard a Norwegian family and tried to encouraged Rasmus to go say hi… but that didn’t happen :p It was a lovely day!! <3



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