Water sports galore! 

For the past two days we have been spending lots of time in the water!

On Wednesday we had a lovely breakfast and then made our way to our favorite Backcountry Cowboy shop. We rented a double kayak and they brought us out to the bay! After reviewing a map and then telling us where the best canals were, we were on our way! It took us a few minutes to get into a groove with the paddling, but it wasn’t long before we were cruising along.

We went through many magical canals, edging along and beneath ages old mangroves. 

We stayed out on the water for about 4 hours, stopping once at Lorelai’s restaurant for lunch. That night we went watched the sunset, then went for dinner at Habano’s Cuban Grill, followed by watching the movie Passengers! 

On Thursday we woke up early, and stopped for coffee and breakfast sandwiches at the Midway Cafe as we made our way north towards Key Largo. The plan for today? Snorkeling! We were aiming to make the cutoff for the 9am trip out to the reef, going out of John Pennekamp Park. They only take a handful of phone reservations, which were booked, so we were hoping to be one of the lucky ones who got the “walk in” spots, unfortunately the couple in front of us took the last spots! We got seats for the 10:30am trip though.

Once on board they gave us a brief description of the location we were going to, general safety guidelines, and how to use our rental fins, vests, goggles, and snorkels. When we arrived at the spot the boat tied on the the anchor, and we all jumped out! I tend to get nervous in deep water, despite my history as a triathlete!, and swollowed quite a bit of water, no problem though! My dad, Rasmus, and I swam out to the reef and took many photos with my disposable under water camera ☺️, there was a Jesus statue at the bottom that was our main goal for photo taking. Once these photos are developed I will upload them. We stopped for lunch afterwards at Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen, followed by grocery shopping, a long wait in traffic home, then a home cooked meal by me ☺️ then Rasmus, my mom, and I played a challenging game of Chinese Checkers.

This week has been so much fun with Rasmus, our adventures are endless and we enjoy each other’s company so much! 

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