Sunset in Key West

We went to Key West on Friday! We sat in traffic for a very long time… unfortunately there was a fatal car accident several miles ahead of us. During the wait in standstill traffic, we pulled into the Mangrove Mama’s bar and grill to get a late breakfast, where we found out there was another major accident going the other direction, so we had nowhere to go but wait! The road was closed in both directions. By 2 pm the accident had cleared and we made our way into the town of Key West.

We walked around town, got drinks and lunch and the famous Sloppy Joe’s bar, then visited the historical and fabulous home of Ernest Hemingway. As a cat lover (animal lover in general), this was amazing. I’ve been on the tour there at least a dozen times before but I enjoy it just as much each time. We then walked around town a bit, and made our way to the Mallory Square sunset. We had planned to meet our lovey and talented friend Noelle, of Florum Magazine, and spend time with her on the sailboat she is touring on, but they had encountered some rough seas the night before and got into town later than expected.

Key West is always a festive and fun location and the epitome of tropical, easy, laid back, and beautiful atmosphere.


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