Beautiful Palm Beach and Rasmus’s last day 🌴

On Monday we decided to get an early start because we were anticipating a lot of holiday traffic, even though Rasmus’s flight wasn’t until the evening. With plans to be in Palm Beach on Tuesday, we decided to make Monday a full Palm Beach day as well, and spend the night.

We had breakfast on the way out of the Keys at a quintessential keys diner, Harriett’s. Then continued our journey North to Palm Beach. Once in town we checked into our hotel, the Chesterfield. It is a gorgeous, well decorated, a bit over the top, hotel that my family always stays at in Palm Beach. My mother’s family had a house in town here while she was growing up, where they would spend the winters, so she enjoys coming back. We walked around and had lunch in town.

We said goodbye to my parents, as they headed out for drinks and dinner with their good friend Mark Gilbertson, and Rasmus and I took off for the airport! Rasmus had to fly first to Paris then connect to Oslo (when I woke up this morning he was still in Paris, all flights are delayed due to foggy weather). I drove back to the hotel and had time to throw on a dress, and meet up with my parents and Mark for dinner in Palm Beach. It was really fun, and I’m glad I had something to distract me from missing Rasmus too much.

This vacation with Rasmus has been amazing! I will stay in FL for another week, then fly back to NJ to collect my things, then fly to Oslo on the 12th! 💗🌴

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