Arctic Equestrian Games 🐎

On Sunday my dear friend Camilla (founder and CEO of Pluvinel) picked me up and we hit the road headed for the AEG! We drove through the **blazing** sunlight of the Norwegian morning glaring off the icy road, snowy hills, and foggy meadows… it was literally blinding 😳

After an hour and a half of navigating the bright roads, we arrived at the Oslofjord Convention Center! We walked through the icy, snowy, muddy parking lot and into the center. We bought our tickets (443NOK for the day), and headed in (actually Camilla had to buy mine because my card wasn’t accepted, thanks!).We walked through the amazing horse shops that were set up, which featured the newest CWD and Prestige saddles 😍, KASK helmets (SO comfortable) 💗, fancy and stylish European clothing brands (p.s. Rhinestones, ornate browbands, and glitter are very in :), state of the art footing, and Norwegian favorites: Horze, Skoies, and Kingsland. The booth area was swarming with talented young riders in their matching team jackets.

The main event we came for was the CSI2* Skoies 1.45m Grand Prix. There was a great field of riders from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. It was a thrilling event, and a tough course that had a lot of rails down! My trainer Tony was out in the course walk with about a dozen of his students for the Grand Prix, they all were very competitive. The first round ended with six riders qualifying for the jump off. After the quick jump off, Olympian Geir Gulliksen ended up first, his 22 year old son Johan in 2nd, and Martine Dyngeland in 3rd. Great show! The youngest rider was 15 year old Pål Flam (pictured), who trains with his father Peter.

The event and venue in general was fabulous. It overlooked the Oslo Fjord, with elegant cafes and stores, as well as comfortable lodgings for competitors and guests.

We also stayed to watch the Icelandic horse competition! It was amazing, the beautiful and powerful strides of these little horses combined with the loud and passionate music brought tears to my eyes! I ended up Googling info on this breed for another two hours!

Camilla and I reflected over some hot coco, enjoying the sunset, then made our way home. What a fabulous and inspiring day!

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