First day in Vienna!

For Christmas Rasmus surprised me with a trip to Vienna, and the time has come! This morning we boarded our flight to Vienna, actually just moments before the terminal was evacuated (someone who had missed OUR flight pulled the fire alarm!), and headed for Austria.

We met up with one of Rasmus’s colleagues and his partner who are, although unplanned, taking the same trip as us! It was fun to ride the train with them to the city center. We will meet up with them again on Tuesday!

We settled into our hotel, just beside the Belvedere castle, and went for a trip to town!

I was last here, twice, in the summer of 2012, and I think being a bit older proves that I took Vienna for granted last time! It is a beautiful, ornate and history filled city. The buildings are other worldly and that’s all there is to it!

We went for a second stroll in the evening and had dinner at a dark little pub style restaurant, with a jolly leiderhosen clad waiter. Rasmus had his first wienersnitzel and a huge beer 🙂

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