Last Weekend in Sarpsborg Norway!

We arrived home from Vienna on Friday night, enjoyed our Friday ritual of tacos, and got ready for Saturday! On Saturday we had lots of errands to run (my American to Norwegian banking process is more difficult than originally realized!).  In the afternoon we met up with Aunt Vivi at the Oslo bus station, and headed for Sarpsborg!

The occasion? My niece’s baptism! Rasmus’s brother, and his wife have two beautiful daughters, and invited us to be one of the godparents to Their youngest. So special! We arrived in Sarpsborg, and checked into the Scandic hotel. We quickly got ready before heading over to our brother and sister in laws house to see their stunning new home! It is an older Norwegian style home and being renovated – it is going to be spectacular.

That night we had an amazing dinner at Sarpsborg’s number one restaurant Festiviteten. It was so beautiful and fancy! I loved every minute. Plus being there with my brother/sister in law, Rasmus’s parents and Grandpa, Aunt Vivi, and the girls was so lovely.

On Sunday we woke up, had a big buffet breakfast at the Scandic, and headed over to the church! I wish I had more photos from this weekend!!! The church ceremony was so nice, followed by cakes and coffee before heading back to Festiviteten for the party celebration.

The baptism celebration was nicer than many weddings! The ceiling was covered in giant pink balloons, the tables covered with pink and gold confetti dots, and the woman all wearing their beautiful Bunad dresses each one unique to their own region of Norway. The atmosphere was amazing.

We were treated to a lavish buffet of beef, salmon, unique sauces and sliced meats/fish, vegetables, and more. Then came the dessert! Cake, cupcakes, donuts, marshmallows, and everything else you’d expect to see at a beautiful and blessed baby’s baptism!

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