Easter at the Cabin… and my big fall!

We’re now back in Oslo and I’ve had time to really reflect on Easter. It is such a treat!

After Rasmus and I went skiing on Thursday, and enjoyed a family night, we hit the slopes again on Friday with the whole group. I was a bit tired from the day before, and the sun had come out… leaving the slopes very slick. Being a beginner skier, I wasn’t prepared for the change in conditions. Right off the bat I fell on the first slope, nearly falling off a bridge, twisting my shoulder, smashing my face, and sending my hat and sunglasses flying.

As the ski trip continued over the next 5 hours though we had a blast. All 8 of us! Even  little Nelia and Naia were pulled in a sled behind Lars. We enjoyed a mini lunch out on the course and a rejuvenating barbecue when we got back. I ended up falling a lot that day, including a pretty intense downhill crash near the end of the course which left me with a case of whiplash! That night we played more board games, enjoyed another of Liv Guri’s famous meals, and shared a lot of laughs.

On Saturday I cooked a traditional American holiday breakfast (at least in my family) of banana bread and an egg sausage souffle for Lars-Kristian, Caroline, and the girls before they left for home. It was sad to see them go, but we look forward to the next gathering!

Due to my head injuries, I opted out of skiing on Saturday and Sunday (despite encouragement to keep skiing from Gunnar and Rasmus!). Instead, Rasmus and I went for some fun foot walks up the hills, and fell through 3+meters of snow at times! Luckily we were able to take advantage of the lovely sauna once we got home!

Easter in Norway is such a lovely tradition. Religion aside, it is a time to be in the great outdoors with family. We breathed in a lot of fresh air, were able to have some wonderful laughs, all while soaking in the beautiful mountain scenery, taking part in delicious meals, and relaxing.

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