Constitution Day in Norway! 17. mai <3

This Thursday was my very first May 17 in Norway! It was amazing. My talented sister in law Caroline hosted a beautiful party, and I enjoyed it so much! We woke up to delicious coffee, then headed out to watch the parade! The Bunads are so wonderful, and I can’t wait to get one of my own! My mother in law, Liv Guri, has a bunad from her home Sunnmøre district, while my sister in law Caroline, her mother Sissel, and little Nelia wore bunad’s from their home of Sarpsborg, in ‎Østfold county. It is amazing going to events and seeing the bunads from all of the different districts!

We had a wonderful lunch at their home, then relaxed, chatted, played jump rope, and took fun pictures Russ. The russ are high school seniors who go through a month long “coming of age” ceremony. We made our way back to the house, and enjoyed an amazing cake topped with strawberries! Unfortunately Rasmus and I had to leave a bit early in the evening to catch our bus home, but it was an absolutely amazing day!

For my outfit, since I didn’t have a bunad, I found a navy off the shoulder dress with “bunad like” flower embroidery at Lindex! One of my favorite “go-to” Norwegian brands 🙂

Bunad’s are the traditional dresses worn by Norwegian people during important events like weddings, holidays, and formal parties. Each region of Norway has their own distinct outfit, and at gatherings you can distinguish who is from which place, much like their dialects. In Norway they have the main language of Bokmål, and the standard dialect/pronunciation is found in the Oslo area, but each region has their own, very distinct dialect. There is no judgement towards the dialects, and all are “correct”, all of the dialects are understandable just different. (There is also a written language in Norway called Nynorsk, which was created by Ivar Aasen starting around ~1830. Nynorsk is a hybrid of all the Norwegian dialects, formed to set Norwegian apart from Danish. It is taught in highschools, but only used by about ~8% of the people)

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