Pet sitting etiquette! 🐱

We are heading out tonight for a long weekend in Rasmus’s hometown of Ålesund, Norway! Now that we have Essie quickly packing up and leaving isn’t quite so simple! We are very lucky to have kind friends to watch her.

Growing up I would often pet-sit (and babysit) in my neighborhood. As I got older I kept doing this! Having someone entrust you with the safety and happiness of their children or pets is a very big thing. I’d like to share some of my favorite habits picked up from years of being a “sitter”!

When going away it’s important to leave a note stating the requirements.

How much and when should the pets eat? Are there any areas of the house that they aren’t allowed in? Does that pet have any bad habits, such as chewing? Leave a list of emergency contacts and vet’s name. Also, leave the food, litter cleaning equipment, leashes, and anything else within plain view or with a note showing where an item is located. It’s also great to leave a little message about what the animal particularly does or does not like “Essie loves getting her ears scratched, but not her belly! Don’t be alarmed if she sneezes, she’s been having allergies lately.”… and leave the home wifi code!


If there’s anything “abnormal” while you’re sitting always tell the owner, whether it be that the cat ran away for half the day, but you found her, or that their toilet won’t flush. Part of being a good sitter is being honest and forthcoming.

Pets are a very important part of a person or family’s life. As a sitter, you want to make the owner feel like they are providing their pet with a lovely experience; and also make the pet feel comfortable and happy!

If you have a friend sitting for you, but they wish not to be paid, always gift them wine, flowers, or a little something you know they like/want. If the stay is longer (more than a week), you can either do wine and flowers, or maybe treat them to a dinner! It’s important to reward the hard work that goes into caring for your pet 🙂 If you agreed on a price to pay the sitter (try to do this ahead of time), be sure to pay them either before you leave or as soon as you return.


Some of my own “trademarks” when house, child, or pet-sitting, was to make sure I left the house nicer then when I had arrived. Fold the towels, if you’re staying over night: strip the bed on your last day, clean the sink, put away the dishes, and just make sure it’s a great experience when the person or family arrives home. It’s important that they feel their home and loved ones were in good hands! ♥ One of the kindest things a friend can do is help you with your home or loved ones while you are away. *also, depending on where the owner is traveling to, it can be very nice to send photo’s and updates to them via SMS or email 🙂


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