A Beautiful Norwegian Confirmation!

Today was our first day back in beautiful Ålesund. We had a special occasion that brought us this time, the confirmation of Rasmus’s cousin Siri! In Norway there are many cultural and historical events, one of which being confirmations!

We arrived at the gorgeous private Aalesund Club Selskab and walked up the spiral staircase. We were greeted by dozens of Rasmus’s closest family, dressed in their stunning bunad dresses of course!, and we were treated to sparkling cider. After several minutes of chatting we were invited to the beautiful dining room where we enjoyed a delicious lunch spread, and took part in singing many songs dedicated to Siri!



After we had eaten, heard several lovely and heartwarming speeches, we went for a walk as a group! We walked up the cobblestone streets, past the historic museum, and stood atop a grassy knoll overlooking the world famous Ålesund cityscape.



After our trip outside, we returned back to the club! We all sat in different sofa sitting areas and took part in a more loving speeches for Siri, including a fun game where she received gifts which represented good advice for the future.


Then…. the dessert! Sunnmøre, the district which Ålesund is in is known for it’s “dessert tables.” At large gatherings, there is never just one cake, but rather everyone brings a cake with them to add to the lavish table! (The day following the event there is another party, a “cake party” where more friends come over to enjoy the leftover cake!) Siri had well over 10 cakes! They were all gorgeous, and my choice of carrot cake was superb 🙂


The confirmation day is also when the young girls receive their official Bunad! Siri received hers today. It takes nearly a year to have made. The materials are 100% authentic Norwegian, and after the individual pieces are purchased, they are then sent to an embroiderer (or grandma!) who stitches the beautiful pattern specific to the region. In Sunnmøre the bunad is as is shown in these photos, and can be worn in navy or black.

Siri explained to me that following the family party (which was preceded by a church ceremony earlier that morning), it is a tradition to then go meet up with your other newly confirmed friends to count your gift money and take part in fun stories.


We had such a lovely time with everyone, and my breath was taken away by what a wonderful tradition this is. Siri and her family did such a wonderful job hosting this party!


(Dress: Lindex/ Shoes: Zara)

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