Norwegian fotball game!

On Sunday evening we went to my first Norwegian fotball (soccer) game in Rasmus’s hometown of Ålesund! We walked from the Eriksen’s home to the Color Line Stadium where we met up with grandpa Per. Per is ninety six years old and walked all the way there from his mountain top home… he does this for every single game 🙂

As we walked into the stadium we were greeted by lots of people who recognized Rasmus from over the years, and they of course led us over to Per. We took an elevator up to the top where we took part in a beautiful sit down dinner, thanks to Per’s season tickets! There were Ålesund insignias everywhere!

Everyone sat at beautiful round tables draped in white linens where we ate buffet style salmon, lamb, potatoes, and vegetables – and of course a cake table! There was a lot of mingling and saying hello to fellow fans. Several people gave speeches regarding the 40th birthday of the head coach, and then the young fans passed out “quizzes.” *Quizzes are very popular at events and parties in Norway!

Soon after the dinner, we went outside to watch the last moments of the warm up, followed by the beginning ceremonies complete with a band, color guard routine, and introductions to the teams. Just before the game began they played the Ålesund theme song out loud and all of the fans held up their Ålesund scarves! There was lots of energy and excitement (although quite different from my experiences seeing a University of Austin, Texas football game, or the New Jersey Devil’s hockey!) This was civilized and had a lot of dedication, everyone dresses very nicely, and alcohol is prohibited at all sporting events.

Right off the bat there were goals for Ålesund! This was very exciting.

At halftime we went back inside for macaroon’s and coffee 🙂

Ålesund came away with the win against Sandefjord 🙂

Norwegian fotball is so lovely, and the fans are so passionate. From all over the country, fans drive hours long trips to see their hometown or favorite team compete. It is sort of the equivalent of American Football in America! It was wonderful to see Rasmus’s favorite team live and in action. I’m looking forward to the next game 🙂


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