Live Everyday Like You’re Planning Your Wedding…… ?!?!?

In college I used to read wedding magazines instead of regular fashion ones. Why? Not because I was planning a wedding or even really thinking about marriage, but because bridal magazines gave the best and most direct advice on dieting, skincare, effortless makeup techniques, simple design ideas, and color palettes. There are so many events related to weddings, why not take the advice given for those events and put them towards daily life?

Whether or not you plan to get married, are married, were married, or never plan to be, the advice available around weddings is amazing and we should all use it. For me, having a wedding was easy because I’d already begun taking care of myself and living as if I was prepping for a wedding years ahead of time!

It’s all about being a “dream girl”. Live everyday like you are getting married soon, even if there’s no man (or woman) in the picture. Live everyday like it’s your best and that you have something amazing to look forward to. Do your hair nicely, exercise, indulge in a face cream that makes you feel special, go on fun adventures, buy yourself flowers once in awhile, put on nice simple makeup. Also, have little events with your family and friends on a regular basis… “tea in the park”, dinners, etc., the best parties and events of your life should be continuous, not just for a wedding. (And when the day does come to get married, you’ll know all the good venues, beauticians, your favorite designers, you’ll be fit, and have clear skin!)

People are so unique, and so are weddings. Living life like your wedding is coming up doesn’t mean pastels, roses, and calligraphy for everyone… lots of people have black and red weddings, circus weddings, or S&M! Whatever suits your fancy, the bottom line is live your best and most authentic life all along the way, don’t wait or plan for it.

Sometimes the most fun part is doing this on a budget! Once you’ve nailed down your style, shopping for items that suit you in the sale section can be thrilling. And for beauty, either find friends who work in beauty, teach yourself… or volunteer yourself to your local beauty school for services!

Bottom line: live life for love, and you have to love yourself before someone else can… and it’s trial and error, you may not love yourself now but the more you do nice things for yourself and others, the more that it will all fall into place.

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I will continue on this topic as a series ❤️

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