Sunday Hike at Oslo’s Biggest Lake, Maridalsvannet!

This morning we headed out on a beautiful 8k walk around Oslo’s biggest lake Maridalsvannet. As we hopped off the bus from central Oslo the first thing we saw were the 13th century ruins from St. Margaret’s Church. We began our walk and headed down a long dirt road, passing over bridges and horse farms.

My jersey top and jean shorts from Lindex were a great choice, they are so comfortable. I opted for tall wool socks today because I already had some blisters from yesterday’s trip!

We saw so many beautiful things! There were massive evergreen trees with forest floors of moss and ferns. We encountered many brooks ranging from babbling to raging… and many steep rocky climbs, something I can never resist running up!

The views were just amazing. From every angle we could look out to see the vast body of water and picturesque scenes.

As approached Frysja on our way back around the lake we happened upon a wonderful festival for kids hosted by the Kjelsåsspeiderne! They had all kinds of rides for the kids ranging from zip lines, to canoeing, to a raft slip n’ slide, to swinging games. It was very cool and I can only imagine that the kids loved it!

It was a beautiful day, and we definitely earned our lunch! This was a great walk and wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning!

In a few weeks, on June 23rd at 9pm there will be a running race here called the St. Hans Galoppen where runners will compete in either an 8.5k or 14.5k distance run around this serene lake.


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