Rasmus’s 30th birthday in Oslo!!!

Yesterday was Rasmus’s 30th birthday!

I was SO excited to get to share this day with him! I love having parties and even though this one was for just the two of us, it was lovely! I surprised him with balloons and flowers πŸ™‚

He definitely loves his new Nike Frees!



For dinner we went to the beautiful hidden Izakaya restaurant in central Oslo. Disguised on a residential street by an old wooden door adorned with gargoyles, it hardly invites you in! But as you walk under the courtyard arch, and go down a few steps, the secret Japanese tapas restaurant lies just below street level. We had an amazing assortment of yummy plates ranging from chicken, to mushrooms, to potatoes!


The vibe at Izakaya is so cool, you really feel like you are in a secret Japanese dining club! Plus, everyone in there is super stylish and laid back.

After dinner we went for a walk around Oslo… it stays light out until really late at night now which is SO nice! The days never end πŸ™‚ When we got home we had a lovely chocolate cake! Happy birthday to my amazing and caring husband!!!


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