Beautiful Walk Along the Harbor… and a Royal Calf Born in Bygdøy!

Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to explore?

Yesterday the sun was shining bright in Oslo, and I thought “hmm, what a great day to go look at beautiful houses!” As I set sail on my walk to Frogner, I managed to get a little bit spun around… I ended up at the Aker Brygge pier, then walked back into the residential area and found myself in Skillebekk. Walking through the streets I snapped a few shots of beautiful homes, but found myself intrigued by the harbor in the distance.

I started walking down a street, and when I got to the end… it was a dead end! I saw a pretty little side street behind some buildings, and walked down it. Slightly nervous that I was walking down a peculiar street surrounded by trees and bushes with no-one else around, I looked for escape options… suddenly, a little bridge appeared! I walked onto the bridge, and it led me over the highway, and towards the harbor (all of this was captured on my InstaStory).

Walking down the harbor was gorgeous, Rasmus later told me its nickname is “Tour de Finance” (because all of the lycra wearing businessmen from the area ride their fancy racing bikes there during their lunch time 😛 ). The weather was perfect, a nice warm breeze, sun shining down with a few clouds to break it up. Another nice thing about Oslo is that you always feel safe. Even when my New Yorker instinct kicks in, it’s usually unnecessary. Strolling down the harbor path, I took in the salty air, admired the pretty flowers, and watched the hypnotizing sailboat masts rock back and forth.

As the harbor came to an end, I continued onto a wooden boardwalk that led me along a field, and up to a cow pasture in Bygdøy at the Royal Manor.

I was so excited to see the cows, and there were even some ponies in the distance. But as I was walking I noticed some of the cows gathering, mooing, and causing a bit of commotion – one of them was giving birth! Yes, I saw a royal baby cow born. Wowza!

Sometimes, a little spur of the moment walk around town can lead you to some very cool things 🙂

Dette er norsk!


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