Picturesque Horseback Riding With A New Friend!

Yesterday afternoon I had the best time riding with my new friend, Kristine!

Oddly enough, I actually met her while I was lost getting to another barn last week! I had taken the bus too far into the countryside, and as I crossed over a bridge I saw three girls walking, I had no idea they were riders. I asked for directions and they kindly guided me to where I needed to go. As we traveled back to my destination we realized how much we had in common: horses, age, Oslo, travel, you name it!

Kristine is a world traveler and while she may only be in her 20s, she’s lived in places like Bali and Brazil, traveled through the Caribbean in its near entirety, the USA, Europe, and beyond. Her passion is horses. She, her sister, and their best friend share a Dutch Warmblood named Cornet.


On Tuesday afternoon we met up at Majorstuen, and made our way out to Røa, along with all the other riders in Oslo! At around 16:00 (4pm) the bus was filled with girls in breeches! Røa is the countryside but still a part of Oslo – and it is filled with horse farms!

We had the best time getting Cornet ready (well, really Kristine did everything, I just watched 😀 ). Riding in Norway is a bit different than in the States, here you do all of the work yourself. I think this truly helps build riders into horsemen. George H. Morris often emphasizes that riders be true horsemen and not just “riders” and it’s something he often criticizes about the normal American “way”. Kristine cleaned the stall, prepared the food, filled the water, brought the horse in, tacked him and swept the barn.

When we got out to the arena, overlooking the tree covered mountains, she told me to take Cornet for a ride! He is so big and strong, and an absolute angel to ride! Then Kristine got on and showed me what he can really do – it was beautiful. She rides him as a jumper, her sister rides him in dressage, and their best friend rides him on the trails and bareback – a perfect combination. He is a happy, well balanced, and eager horse.

While we were riding there were a few others in the ring, one woman was training her horse on the lunge line, and a two men were practicing “tent pegging” an ancient sport popular in the middle east, and one of ten equestrian sports recognized by the FEI. Kristine spoke accolades to the diverse members of her barn, and mentioned that the relaxed yet professional atmosphere is part of what makes it so special.

It was a beautiful day in the Norwegian countryside and I can’t wait to come back!


Follow Kristine on Instagram at: @kristinesunde89

And Cornet on Instagram at: @thingscornet


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