The Chic Norwegian Polo Open

Polo, champagne, beautiful people: today was the annual Norwegian Polo Open.

Many of the attendees opted to spend several nights at the beautiful Hotell Refsnes Gods in Moss, Norway, just a moment drive to the polo grounds. I had a wonderful morning at the hotel enjoying the bright green gardens, view of the water, and chatting with other attendees of the polo match. The gorgeous grounds certainly set the tone for a beautiful afternoon to come.

(Grounds and buildings: Hotel Refsnes Gods, In white dress: Camilla Næristorp)

Arriving at the polo grounds we were greeted by the beautiful bright green scene of a large polo field, farming crops, water view, and a magnificent tent.

(Top left: Veuve, Top right: group of attendees, Bottom: Eva Katrine Thomsen)

With a number of sponsors who were auctioning off a variety of beautiful goods, all of the proceeds went directly to charity. The always clever Nick May gave a wonderful opening speech welcoming the guests, announcing several rules and regulations, introducing the players and horses, and thanking many important sponsors and benefactors.

While alcohol is only allowed indoors at sporting events in Norway, the champagne certainly had it’s place inside the tent! Everyone was having a wonderful time enjoying one another’s company, the delicious food, gorgeous atmosphere, and the horses – of course!

The afternoon started out with a demonstration game put on by the junior team. They were led onto the field by a featured new BMW, and May introduced them. The junior match was great fun and we all look forward to seeing this group blossom in the next few years!

As the junior riders switched places with the full competition team, there was a bit of a scuffle behind the scenes! One of the polo ponies was overly excited by the tent, and May announced the horse as retired from the match for her own health and safety. Moments later, two of the horses had gotten loose from their tie rack, and bolted across the neighboring field towards the water! Luckily several people, May included, ran to catch them. Within moments everything was back to normal!

When the full polo match began, swarms of hats and people came out from inside the tent to get a full view of the galloping hooves and swinging mallets.

At the halfway point we were all invited onto the field to step on the divots that had been carved into the field by the galloping horses hooves. The junior team handed out ice cream from the back of the team pickup truck.

As the final half of the game came to an end, the winning team was given prizes and the winning pony of the match received her new cooler.

(Thea Louise Musæus May, Nick May, Johan Backe, Norwegian Polo Club)

The day was absolutely beautiful and gorgeous. But I have to say, some of the stylish people were my second best thing to see after the horses!



Carrie Mantha



Appropriately preppy floral print dress and rock-star shoes.
Beautiful striped linen jumpsuit.


White Hat and Bow Dress: Savina Velkova


Chic white jumpsuit.IMG_7612




Group shot, Johan Backe
Christine Nilsson


Parents of Nick May, enjoying the game.
Linn Therese Olafsen, Caroline Ptrs


Mens jacket with flower detailing.

This was a phenomenal event, and I look forward to returning next year!

(White flowy top from Zara. Brooke Eriksen.)

If you would like copies of the photos, to have your name listed under your photo, or any other things feel free to contact me at


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