Two Friends Headed for A Fitness Competition. Blogger + Trainer Collaboration in Oslo!


Two new friends, both in our twenties, living abroad in Oslo, Norway, with a passion for horses, lifting weights, drinking coffee, and dreaming big…. this is a collaboration between American blogger Brooke Eriksen and Swedish fitness competitor / personal trainer Johanna Vestin! On November 4th, 2017 we will be competing together in the 2017 WBFF UK FALL Fitness And Fashion Spectacular in London, UK.

Johanna is a seasoned competitor and will be coaching Brooke to her first competition, Brooke will be keeping track of her progress and experiences here on the blog. 

Meet Brooke

“I’ve always loved fitness and really admired fitness competitors for their discipline and willpower.With my background as a former track and field, cross country, triathlon, modern pentathlon, and equestrian athlete – I have had my fair share of endurance, specialty, and weight training!

As I move further into adulthood and my athletic priority is more geared towards having fun, being healthy, and looking good, I want to take this opportunity to learn as much as I can about creating a fit and healthy body for myself. I hope to set myself up with a lifestyle change towards a strong lean body and healthy eating.

Before thinking about having kids in the next few years, I want to do this “you only live once” kind of thing, plus I’m very goal oriented so this is a perfect fit! I am excited about having Johanna’s help. She has experience, is extremely personable, loves fitness, and is very knowledgeable on healthy dieting for women. My approach towards this competition is to balance healthy eating with exercise, and not be too extreme. I want this is be something that sets me up for a healthy future. To be completely honest, I do not feel good about how I look right now, and I refuse to just sit back and tell myself, “well, you’re getting older, it’s natural, be kind to yourself!” I have the right to look the way I want, and feel good about myself, it’s just a matter of putting in the work.

This will be a journey, and I look forward to sharing it with you. My hope is to launch a healthy and fit lifestyle and continue it after the competition. I look forward to seeing Johanna achieve her entrepreneurial goals as well! We are just two girls who dream big, and like to make things happen.” – Brooke Eriksen

Meet Johanna

“My name is Johanna Vestin and I’m a fitness competitor and Certfied Personal Trainer with a Diploma in Fitness. My two biggest passions in life are health and fitness both of which have also become a lifestyle for me.

I have always been very active growing up, with a background in equestrian and horse racing. I actually studied horse racing for three years in college but during my last semester I decided that it was not the career path I wanted to take. At that point I got more and more into working out by myself and I also started going to the gym. That was also the time I discovered the Tone it Up girls, Blogilates and then Jillian Michaels who is absolutely my biggest role model; everything just got so clear for me. This was what I was meant to do. I want to help other people achieve their goals, push them (and myself) out of their comfort zone and be a role model to look up to. I love the quote: “I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up.”  That is exactly how I want to live and what I want to be known as.

After college I completed eleven months of Military service in Sweden as a mounted guard. It was both very physical and mentally challenging and I grew a lot as a person. I also started taking my fitness more seriously and going to the gym more often but it wasn’t after a trip to Spain that I completely changed my whole lifestyle. Me and a couple of friends traveled to Spain after I was finished in the Military and when I looked at the pictures from that trip I realized I wasn’t comfortable with my body anymore and I needed to make some changes. So I did & after that I have never looked back. I traveled to Australia in the beginning of 2013 and got my Diploma of Fitness and then I could call myself a Specialized Exercise Trainer & Certified Personal Trainer.

It was also in Australia my love for competing started to take place. I was so inspired by the girls competing in Bikini that I made up a goal for myself that when I moved to Australia, I was to compete at least one time before it was time to move back home to Sweden again. But I even ended up competing two times! When I started to see what changes I could make to my body with just changing my lifestyle, diet and putting in the work in the gym I just wanted more and more. This journey that I have been through started this fire inside me, a fire I can’t stop!

I love working out, I love eating healthy and I love this lifestyle. I am so excited to start working with Brooke and see her grow and evolve to a more confident self. I want to teach her what good nutrition, macro counting and working out can do to the mind and body, both physically and mentally. I really look forward to follow the journey all the way upon that stage and it is even more interesting to do so when Brooke is complete virgin to the bodybuilding world. I really like that we both have a background in equestrian and I think I also will be able to relate to a lot of struggles that she may face. I want to be there to guide you but also to progress forward and learn from each other.” – Johanna Vestin

Photo: Johanna Vestin

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