Fun In The Sun With Amazing Braids!

The weather in Oslo has been so beautiful! It has been sunny and warm, the sun is up almost 24 hours, the birds are chirping and the grass is green. I had such a nice day today catching up with friends and working on writing!

In the morning Rasmus and I went on a long walk, and because it was my day off from the gym I was able to really dig into some projects I have going on! Plus, I got to meet up with a friend for coffee.

With the warm weather it has been such a treat to wear shorts and light shirts! I love this linen top from Gina Tricot… it makes me feel like a young Martha Stewart 🙂 She’s so cool. This belt is actually Rasmus’s! The cute jean shorts are from Lindex, and little wedges are from Zara. Each of these items was less than $20 (~199nok).

My amazing twisty braided hair-do is by Oceana Braids!



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