Need A Change This Summer? Here Are Some Thoughts!

“I’m bored, I have nothing going on this summer”

I’ve definitely said this to myself more than once… and hearing it out loud has led me to do some of the coolest things in my life. To name a few: done relief work in a 3rd world country, booked flights to see long lost friends, run in lots of running races (13 just last year!), taken on some big athletic competitions (triathlons, etc), gone sky-diving, committed to life changing volunteer programs, taken many continuing education courses… and adopted an ex-racehorse!

Whether or not you have any special skills or defined passions, there are a few things you can always do where you will be welcome and possibly change your life: join a beginner’s running club, join a volunteer program, or take a drawing class at a local college! Set goals for yourself, and build a life around it.

If you are sitting at home feeling like you’ve let life run away with you in the passenger’s seat, it’s time to do a little re-vamp! Don’t think too hard, just think quickly – what is it that you’d like to do more of? What needs to change? And make it happen.

If you decide to join a running club, set goals for yourself. Decide to take a different member out to coffee once a week, set a distance or time goal for the next two months, sign up for a race at the end of the summer, and let this hobby take you places. Set the standard to be the best you can be – whatever that means to you.

One of the best things I learned about myself was early in my college application process. It was my love for volunteering. It literally changed my world. I chose a cause whose values were important to me: disabled children and horses. All through high school I volunteered with SPUR (Special People United to Ride). I met so many amazing individuals and their struggles and lives changed my outlook on the world. I continued my volunteering with them through college, and then for 6 months last year… even though no one was counting my volunteer hours anymore.

After college, I volunteered for a horse rescue, NeighSavers, where I met some amazing and kind people. I ended up adopting my own horse from them and he was the light of my life for 2 years;  I learned so much about horse-care, management, discipline, and my own self.

It is important to have a community, a hobby/passion, and something to do! We all need purpose. If you’re finding yourself coming up short in the self-care area, I highly recommend trying something outdoors-y, athletic, creative, or volunteer related 🙂

Having interests has gotten me further in life than anything else.

Remember to enjoy the every day routine 🙂 Make it your life, and your passion. Start by adding just one hour of a “new” hobby/activity per week. If it fizzles out? Try something else, and keep searching until you hit gold <3

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