Back in San Francisco With My Family, and A Visit To Facebook!

We were so excited to wake up in San Francisco yesterday!

Having lived in the bay area for over three years, as well as when I was a toddler, it is definitely where I call home in the US. I had moved here after I graduated from college back in 2013, hoping to make my way in the tech startup world… and also find myself as an independent woman! While my life certainly took some interesting turns along the way, I am so grateful for how things turned out and I definitely owe a lot of that to the open and cool people of northern California… and the beautiful and quirky western aesthetic.

My sister lives in the Bay area now with her husband Ross who she met in college many many years ago (11? 12?). They now have three amazing kids! Along with being a lawyer, a children’s rights advocate, a gorgeous fit lady, wife, and a super mom, she’s an awesome sister. Ross is an engineer at Facebook and expert in mental strength skills (their house is filled with amazing quotes, books, and games related to this).


Rasmus and I spent all day yesterday with them, and got to visit Ross at Facebook! After signing in, Ross met us and walked us down a Disney World-esque street in the middle of the campus. It was lined with all kinds of restaurants like BBQ, pizza, burgers, Asian cuisine, ice cream, you name it! The coolest part is that it’s all free! Facebook has definitely created a little utopia right there, and it’s no wonder they have the number one happiest employees! (Not to mention tons of other perks!)

Ross recently just went back to work after having been on paternity leave for the birth of their newest daughter Charlotte! At Facebook you are allowed to take four months of paid paternity leave, which is amazing and so similar to Norway. In Norway if you have a child you get a year of parental leave, and can split it up between the two parents. Typically in the US you get twelve weeks of unpaid leave.


Being at Facebook was so nice. Everyone was super friendly, and other kids were running around as well.


For Rasmus and I it was great to see my sister and her family! The last time I saw them was at Thanksgiving! Way too long ago! And kids grow and change so quickly at this age! Living 6000 miles away is hard, but we certainly make it work! I look forward to having the next few weeks here with them!



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