San Francisco Morning Life…


It’s 5am and I’m awake typing… most likely because it’s 2pm in Oslo and my body is a little confused, but I’ve also just had so many thoughts! Yesterday was such a cool and interesting day, but it also left me a bit overwhelmed. Being awake in the early morning reminds me of who I really am though, I like peace and solitude, just me and Rasmus going for walks and hanging out, often times big cities just take it out of me! I enjoy the quiet and darkness of the morning, as the sun just begins to rise… people quietly drinking coffee or eating eggs at a diner. If I had to say I miss one thing the most about the US it’s the diners. I used to wake up at 5/6am everyday, from age ten until twenty five, and go to a diner. It was a tradition started by my dad. We would wake up early and before school or on the weekends he would take us to the diner, we’d order coffee and food and read the Wall Street Journal together.


I also really like having the morning as a time to reflect and sort of meditate, I enjoy walking down the streets and enjoying the architecture, the buildings, the plants, the birds sitting on benches. When I lived in San Francisco a few years ago, I used to go for long walks on Sunday mornings to Russian Hill and Pacific Heights to enjoy the beautiful view and look at the intricate detailing on the homes. At night I would make my friends walk with me down the streetlamp lit streets, and up the hidden staircases of San Francisco, I like the solidarity and the unknowns. I guess this is why I like Norway so much – hardly anyone ever bothers you, and at 5am in San Francisco the density on the streets reminds me of noon in Oslo!

Now, yesterday morning I woke up frustrated, and it’s not the best way to wake up – but I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt this way. I assumed it surely it had to do with the diet I’m on and a lot of weird things it brings up for me (but I’ll share this in my weekend fitness update).

In the later morning, Rasmus and I had the opportunity to have a really cool and inspirational two hour meeting with someone I really look up to, but that definitely deserves it’s own post (soon to come).

As the day went on Rasmus and I had such a fun day running around the streets of San Francisco, taking the trolleys and trams and enjoying every last bit of the city. We walked along the bay, bought some touristy tee shirts, ate lunch and loved every minute of the day. It was so much fun, just the two of us doin’ our thang!

But then of course when we came home and I went to do my workout I was tired and a bit overwhelmed, some of my joints hurt, and I only could do half of my workout. I was so frustrated! We went out to dinner with an old friend of mine from college, Ini, we had studied architecture together and become great friends through activities like the kayak club (in the middle of Manhattan this meant kayaking in the pool!). Dinner with her was really nice and it was great to keep in touch. But when we got home I was even more frustrated. Having to walk home through the streets absolutely flooded with people, some yelling, some pulling their clothes off, some screaming threats, some “street musicians” high on drugs banging on drums, everyone rushing, the cold wind blowing, not entirely knowing where I’m going – it was a lot.

When Rasmus’s grandpa first met me two years ago, on our way out the door he whispered to Rasmus, “She’s very nice Rasmus. She’s a simple country girl.” When Rasmus told me this I was slightly confused because I considered myself a world traveler and adventurer, but the truth is I am just a simple country girl – I travel to big cities and all around the world, but you’ll be sure to find me walking the streets at 5am with a coffee in one hand, and a camera in the other. I love people, but I don’t love crowds! I’m coming to realize just how Norwegian I really am!


So, I will sit here watching the fog burn off of the bay, as the sun rises and the lights on the bridge dim. The cars will swarm in, the honking will begin, and people will start their days!


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