Friday Night at the Devil’s Canyon!

On Friday night we had so much fun with my sister and her family! After an amazing day catching up on stories, and playing games, we all went for dinner at the Devil’s Canyon Food Truck night in San Carlos, CA! Devil’s Canyon is really cool beer brewery and a fun fact is that it’s “BYOG” bring your own glass! Then you just pay for the beer. My sister brought a few glasses with her, and then they chose from a huge selection of beers.


Outside there were tons of picnic tables and different food trucks to choose from. Rasmus and I opted for BBQ – I picked a protein rich beef with no bread to suit my diet, and he had pulled pork with beans and collard greens! The kids had nachos with chicken and guacamole from a taco truck, and my sister Kathryn and her husband Ross had BBQ like us! Later on little Jane also had a quesadilla. It was so much fun and there was so much energy!


I don’t know about you but a warm afternoon night eating at a food truck festival with my family, with the beautiful mountainous Northern California skyline in the background was just amazing. It’s so cool being back here as a visitor, my perspective is so much different and every little thing is so beautiful!


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