A Fun Weekend Day in Half Moon Bay, CA!

“Oh my god this is just like the beach in Norway!” Rasmus said as we walked across the cold sand and approached the vast blue ocean with massive waves crashing; Ross and Kathryn telling stories about the humpback whales they saw here on their last visit.

The beaches I grew up on in NJ were huge, hot, and crowded in every nook and cranny. In Northern California, definitely not to be mistaken (although it often happens) with San Diego and L.A., the beaches are cold and typically not “too” crowded. But it just “is how it is!” The large mountain ranges among other factors cause a lot of wind, fog, and cool air to get trapped here. So we buttoned up our jackets and enjoyed the windy cool day at the shore! It is quite breathtaking.

We had a blast playing with the kids and telling stories. It was a beautiful, chilly, Northern California beach day!


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