4th of July in California!

On July 4th, America’s Independence Day, Rasmus and I drove from San Francisco down to my sister’s family in Los Gatos. It is a beautiful little town where the weather always seems to be perfect and the people pleasant. My sister’s in-laws, Jackie and Rich, planned a beautiful party at their home and we were so grateful to be there!

There were all kinds of delicious foods and treats that one always hopes to find at a July 4th party! BBQ corn, chicken, baked beans, guacamole, ribs, potato salad, and a table full of cakes and pies!

It was awesome for the adults to catch on what’s been happening over the years. Everyone had lots of questions for me and Rasmus about how Norway is, what it’s like there, what’s different, whether or not we plan to stay, if I like it, etc. It was really cool to have new things to talk about! Being in California of course people also had lots of questions about the environmentalism in Scandinavia, and how socialism works there, it was neat to discuss this!

Everyone was mesmerized by my sister’s newest member of her family, her two month old little girl – and everyone was shocked by how much bigger her two and four year old have gotten!

I had a great time hearing about how everyone is doing and all the exciting changes that have been going on in their lives. With some of the older folks it was so interesting because the more my life changes and I experience things, the more stories they have to share about their pasts that I may never have heard about before!

The kids took part in an intense water balloon fight!

We all had such a wonderful time in the beautiful weather… it was such a nice way to celebrate the holiday!

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