Bikini Competition Training: Week 6 of 20! Things are looking up!

This week started out slow. Every single morning I woke up exhausted, and it would continue all day. I would go to the gym and to meetings I had, but I simply wasn't myself. Having battled Lyme's and EBV for 10 years, I always get really scared when this happens. I've been pretty much 100% ok for the last three years, but whenever I go through bouts of major exhaustion I'm terrified something is flaring up. Luckily, this weekend I felt a bit more energized. Plus – my back is pretty much 99% better!!

This week my diet has been high carb/low fat – normal – normal – high fat/low carb. It's been really interesting! By the end of the week I was back to lifting heavy weights and it felt great. I have complete faith in the program Johanna has given me so this gives me a lot of freedom to just put in 100%, and not worry that something is not quite right. This week all of my measurements pretty much went down by half an inch and I lost a kg which is great. Now being in the 7th week, with 13 to go, it's time to start slimming down and this is where the "science experiment" begins.

Right now I feel fit and healthy – but definitely ready to feel trim and light! I am praying that my energy comes back so that I can do more of the things I love like writing and coming up with creative ideas! I have a lot in store the next few weeks: my parents/family are coming to visit for a 10 day trip we planned a year ago!, then my second language course begins, a new part time job, riding lessons, and continued work on my blog (and art), startup contributions!, this training, and being a new wifey! (and more!)

The dieting has gotten easier because now I can just look at something and know roughly what it's macros are. I am obsessed with MyFitnessPal and this diet wouldn't be possible without it! I am lucky that I don't have a sweet tooth nor have I ever liked alcohol (because you can't eat added sugar or consume alcohol at all on this plan). In fact, I really like the structure of the eating plan and the guidelines…! (another note: I walk 12-17,000 steps a day – this is called your "FAST" and is very important. Always choose to walk over driving/bus!) And I do not take any supplements or anything to help with muscles growth/strength etc. just a lot of egg whites and chicken 🙂 I do take a women's daily multivitamin.

PLUS Johanna and I got together for our first posing practice! She is amazing and I have a long way to go! This is totally a new territory for me!


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