Our Dinner Party at Sjøbua Fish Restaurant in Ålesund, Norway

Last week we had the opportunity to go to several AMAZING restaurants; but Sjøbua is my favorite restaurant in all of Norway, and I’ll tell you why. A large group of my family and friends gathered there, and we all got dressed up – after all, Sjøbua is supposedly one of if not the best fish restaurant in Norway.


You walk down a cobblestone street approaching the waterfront, and off to the side of an old looking building is a simple sign and a red door. This is Sjøbua. Naturally, we took a bunch of photos (and fought the wind the whole time!). We went inside and were greeted by a very dark entry hall with old fashioned candelabras with dripping wax, we walked past and sat down in front of a very old polar bear skin hanging from a wall beside a fireplace.

As we were led to our table, a large long table in the back room, the waitress came around and passed out menus and the wine began flowing. (PS the lighting in the restaurant is amazing!) Sitting beside an open door, with more lit candles dripping, the laughter and stories began roaring. It was an amazing night. Each and every person LOVED their meal. We got bread and butter, then our appetizers, I had scallops, and our entrees, I had salted cod, and finally dessert and coffee. The food was out of this world and the ambiance was purely magical.

This restaurant is a lovely surprise, and nestled in this part of Norway between the giant fjords, in a town known for it’s fishing industry makes it even more spectacular. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting this part of Norway!


With my beautiful and elegant sister in law, Caroline!

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