A Beautiful Homemade Brunch in Ålesund, Norway!

My mother in law Liv Guri is officially one of the best cooks ever! She hosted a large group of us for a beautiful brunch at she and her husband Gunnar’s home last weekend, and the pictures say it all. While I had met my “new family” several times before Rasmus and I got married last summer, and I quickly learned about how stylish they were, every time we gather I am in awe of how gorgeous everything is. The ambiance in every room is spot on, the tables are always elegantly laid out with flowers, and every occasion feels special.


My parents, Mary Kate and Gregg, my best friend Danika, Rasmus’s brother Lars-Kristian and his family, his parents, and Rasmus’s 96 year old grandfather, Per, and Rasmus’s co-worker and friend Øyvind and his wife Åse Camilla were all there. It was spectacular! The occasion was to celebrate our one year anniversary party which was held the night before with 50 guests overlooking the city from a hilltop. This brunch was the final meal of our trip is Ålesund!

Liv Guri hand made every dish (I have a grand plan to learn every one of her recipes! She’s taught me several already!). The white cake is homemade icecream cake, the other is chocolate cake, the soup was a thick creamy fish soup that everyone loved, served with a hearty multigrain bread. Everyone drank a gourmet apple juice as well.

It was so delightful having everyone together! I wish it could be like this every Sunday…

I am so grateful!

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