Healthy Snacks That I Love!

As I train for my first bodybuilding competition (in the mildest category: bikini), I’ve learned to love a lot of extremely healthy foods! Almost every day friends and family members either pull me aside or message me asking for tips and tricks… and I’m glad! I didn’t decide to do this competition just for the glory, I truly wanted to learn the fundamental science and method to building and maintaining a healthy and properly functioning body and I felt bodybuilders were the ones who do it best (for me and my purposes!). A lot of it is nutrition. Without the proper food (aka fuel) your body can’t give you it’s best… brain function, physique, strength, health, everything. In the last two months of training my body has changed SO much, and I feel amazing. It’s not about withholding food to feel great, it’s about eating the right things and the right amounts for your particular body.

I eat six meals a day, so I’ll share with you some of my favorite and easy snacks! With this in mind, I do have a custom macro plan that I live from, and I highly suggest ANYONE adopts one! All you have to do is find a macro coach online, or work with a nutritionist or dietician. They will take your size, eating habits, goals, and other factors into consideration and produce the amount of fat, carbs, and protein you should in in a day and how often. You will also have a list of healthy food options to choose from. I suggest using a “flexible dieting” plan, like the one my coach Joahnna has me on – rather than a restrictive one. Then you just have to weigh everything for a few months, get used to the portions that are best for you – and you’re golden!

As with most “diets” or “lifestyle changes” with any meal you want to balance carb, fat, protein and vegetables (unless you have certain macros you’re trying to hit!).

Two lomper (potato taco) with kalkun slices (deli turkey) and spinach!

Two rice cakes with a teaspoon of peanut butter on each, maybe some blueberries!

Low fat Greek yogurt, with two tablespoons of oatmeal, and a few berries!

One whole egg, shredded spinach, and a sliced piece of turkey bacon baked into an “egg muffin”!

A ricecake with avocado and turkey bacon!

Vanilla protein pudding with brown rice mixed in! (Tastes like rice pudding!)

A glass of milk.

Low fat cottage cheese.

A whole bell pepper sliced (paprika) dipped in peanut butter or low fat hummus.

Snap/sugar peas alone!

Plain potatoes sliced in strips, baked in the oven in a drop on coconut oil, with sea salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper.

I struggle with eating 4-5 vegetables per day so sometimes I just steam or boil a pot of broccoli and eat it plain and just “don’t think about it”!! <- I find that to be the easiest. Just like a vitamin 🙂

The other biggest things are weight training, stretching (yoga), and being ACTIVE! I walk around 15-17,000 steps each day. I rarely take a train or car (with winter coming this will be harder aka more time in the gym). If you can just power walk 45 minutes twice a week instead of “not” doing anything, big things will change! But I can’t emphasize enough having a custom macro plan, it was a harsh reality when I realized how “off” my portion sizes have been all my life and that certain foods are so bad for you (and that some I thought were “bad”… aren’t!). Also drink a TON of water (I have 4 liters a day).

More will come soon! 🙂


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