Sailing on the Oslofjord

Boating is something I have always loved, and having grown up at the shore with a dad who loves sailing… it feels like the most natural thing in the world! We had the pleasure of going out sailing with one of Rasmus’s colleagues, Dagfinn, who owns a beautiful 37′ sailboat.

There are several sports that are more like lifestyles and have a lot of similarities; horseback riding, sailing, tennis, and I suppose any “country club” sports really! As a passionate horseback rider myself I love the rituals and routines in sailing. When we sat down with Dagfinn and Sture we were given plates and bowls and treated to meatball soup (brennsnut), with bread and coke. We chatted, relaxed, and enjoyed the gorgeous evening. We then put the food things away, and the sailing began!

We motored out into the fjord, then were assigned our tasks. I managed the mainsails, while Rasmus steered, Sture managed the other sails, and Dagfinn was captain (and everyone pretty much has to help me with the sails!). The boat was very high tech and impeccably managed and kempt. Having grown up taking out much smaller boats, and more leisurely cruises, I wasn’t used to the racing style gear! It was so cool!

The weather quickly got cold as we raced into eight then nine at night, the boat sliding on its sides cutting through the dark deep Norwegian waters. Dagfinn told us about his introduction to sailing many years ago with his wife and now first mate, how they sailed around Scandinavia together this summer. I found his membership to the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club very interesting and the way the sailing community works internationally.


We were all bracing ourselves against the sides of the boat as the sails caught tons of kilograms of wind, slicing us powerfully through the sea. It was amazing (I was updating my live story on Instagram the whole time! @brookie_no)! The sun set behind the islands, casting a glow over the small cottages painted red, gold, and white; their polished ceramic roofs glistening and glowing orange with the light of the sun.


Cruising back to the dock it was dark and cold. The large boat floated quietly along, sending light splashes against the other boats in the marina. Dagfinn backed the sailboat into its slip, and we tied it up. And just like that, I’d sailed the Oslofjord.

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