The Norsk Derby!

The other weekend I had the pleasure of taking part in the super cool tradition! As a lifelong horseback rider, I was beyond excited to be a part of this. A group of girls I had met earlier this year through the riding community invited me to a brunch beforehand! There were all kinds of delicious treats and it was wonderful getting to know more people! I had also brought along a new friend of mine and her best friend, both former national team riders!

After the brunch we walked down the wooded paths, and came up on the racecourse! The entire place was flooded with beautifully dressed people with fun hats. Coming from the American East Coast, and growing up ten minutes from Monmouth Park race track (home of the Haskell) I know all about derby days! It was lovely to feel the equestrian energy again, and to see everyone having such a nice time! I really enjoyed this day!

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