In The Garden Before My Friend’s Wedding!

This weekend Rasmus and I traveled home for the wedding of one of my childhood friends. She and her fiance met in Manhattan but they have since relocated to Texas. Like Rasmus and I had the year before, they journeyed home to this beautiful town for their wedding!

On Friday, the groom’s family hosted a beachfront rehearsal dinner for the family members followed by a welcome drinks and hors d’oeuvre’s event at the bride’s family’s Sea Bright Beach Club for all of the traveling guests. We enjoyed seeing everyone! I can assure you, pastel and bright pink Lilly Pulitzer dresses, pearl earrings, and wedge heels were in abundance! On Saturday, my dad, Rasmus, and I went for a walk in the historic Huber Woods (as we do every weekend morning there!), then met my mom for breakfast at Edie’s, one of our favorite quintessential “bacon, egg, and coffee” diners. My dad and Rasmus then went sailing on the Shrewsbury and Navesink Rivers while my mom and I did a little shopping!

Towards the afternoon, Rasmus and I got ready for the main event of our trip: the wedding! And my mom adorned me with some family jewelry! With only sunshine in the sky, we all gathered at the The First Presbyterian Church at Red Bank.

In front of the large, white, colonial style church was a red trolley where the bridal party was awaiting their signal to start the procession. Walking beside it, I peeked in and the bride gave me a big wave and smile, my heart skipped a beat as I felt her excitement through the window! She is very dear to me, and I couldn’t have been more proud or joyous for her at this very moment!

Inside the church it was bright white with light pouring in from all the large windows. The family had chosen very large round white rose flower arrangements to stand beside the alter. Her family, from England to Massachusetts, and the groom’s, from Maryland, as well as local friends and family sat on their specific sides of the church and watched in awe as the procession walked in to live music.

The ceremony was beautiful, and special. With many great messages, love notes, songs, and ambiance it was an afternoon to remember.

My family grew up going to the St. George’s Episcopal Church in town, but we always came to this church on Christmas Eve because they have a spectacular bell choir, as well as a magnificent candlelit service that is otherworldly with their pipe organs, and on Christmas hearing the carols with these instruments is just magical! It was really special to be back in this church for another spectacular event.

After the ceremony Rasmus and I returned to my parents home to relax before the reception began. Before heading to the event, Rasmus and I danced our own wedding dance from the year before; in my parents garden! Our ceremony had been right there in the garden, followed by a reception at the same country club as this one.



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