Scandinavia’s Biggest Fitness Festival! The Stockholm Fitnessfestivalen


What do you do when invited to Scandinavia’s biggest fitness festival? Get on a plane!

I had such a nice time going to the event with Johanna and Louise. We sampled protein pancakes, protein pudding, block chain amino acid shots, and all kinds of protein candies… in fact by the time the day was over we were SO thirsty and realized we hadn’t eaten any “real food”! I have to say, it was marketing mania! Which I loved because I love marketing… If I had to say the fitness world is an expert on one thing it’s nutrition. The majority of bodybuilders eat 85-95% of their diets through whole, natural foods (chicken, broccoli, fish, oats, potatoes, etc.) and a little bit is protein powders. The reason there were so many protein brands at the show is just because there is a big market for it, they can be quite expensive, and they support a lot of athletes.

Walking into the event I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I knew there was a bodybuilding show going on, I knew there would be smaller events and programs as well as gear for giveaway and things for sale. As the day went on we went from one protein pudding/ice cream/drink/candy pop up to the next, with short breaks to do things like monkey bar or rope climbing challenges.

When I went back the second day I was a little overwhelmed! I don’t like crowds that much, and prefer to just walk through things like this quickly, get “an idea” of what’s going on, and get out! But Johanna wanted to spend more time, and sample lots of things, so we did. I couldn’t help but criticize the giveaways though, they had people standing in line for 20+minutes to type in their email, then get a “goodie bag” with a shaker and magazine… not cool! At least have a fun goodie bag.

I really enjoyed watching the crossfit folks, they are really intense! I loved that. We also saw an agility course, and all kinds of different fitness methods.

And then of course we took a million photos…


The fitness world has a wide range of components, and I saw a pretty wide range over the two Fitnessfestivalen days! I think they have great marketing ideas and styles, especially here in Europe (from the girls at Barebells, to the various others!)…

All in all it was a really fun weekend!

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