Weekend at the cabin!!

This weekend Rasmus and I took a long weekend up at his parents ski cabin in Dombås! After work on Thursday we boarded the train with bags full of wool clothes, wind breakers, and of course our mountain skis. I also picked up a big loaf of sourdough bread to bring as well from Oslo’s United Bakeries.

It was such a lovely weekend and every time that I get to spend more time with Rasmus’s parents Liv Guri and Gunnar I like them even more! They are so hospitable and kind and we had a blast. From amazing meals cooked by Liv to 4 hour ski tours each day (where they took extra care to keep it slow and easy for me this year!!) it was all wonderful. While I do have to admit that I wish skiing was horseback riding (😜), Rasmus did agree to ride just as many times as I ski every year ☺️. While I’m still just learning to ski, I definitely love the atmosphere and environment around it — and once I improve I think I’ll get the same rush flying down hills and over bumps as I do jumping a horse!

Gunnar and Rasmus took it to a whole new level when they decide to race off of a snowy cliff into uncharted snow! Meanwhile Liv was being super patient helping me zigzag down the hills and learn how to break properly ☺️ On the first ski trip we stopped half way for hot chocolate and Kvik Lunsj and on the second day we stopped half way for Kvik Lunsj and glugg (?) which was so delicious and tasted like hot apple cider with cinnamon! When we would get home from the ski tour we would warm our feet and hands by the fire, have lunch and relax with a book ☺️

PS please notice my handmade sweater in the second picture! One of Liv’s best friends, Torill, handmade that and gave it to me for Christmas, and a red one to Rasmus. It’s so cozy and warm and when I came out in it Rasmus looked at me and said, “You are so beautiful.”

The combination of the mountains vast solitude combined with the athletic rush from skiing, to the cozy cabin with love and warm food, to the late night story telling and laughing… it is all just wonderful. I really love being in Norway and I may have only been here for 13 months so far but it really is where I call home. Rasmus is the best husband in the world and I’m so grateful for my loving and generous in laws!!


  1. My kind of weekend! We’re heading to Colorado in March for something similar. Your father-in-law looks like a hoot!

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