The Coolest hotel in Stockholm: the Downtown Camper

A few weeks ago I had a really amazing trip to Stockholm. One of the best parts? The hotel!

To my very much pleasant surprise, it was a modern scandinavian outdoor explorer hotel. When I arrived it was early in the morning and as I entered and was welcomed by friendly faces, bicycles, kayaks, and quirky unique decorative accessories I was in awe. Right in the heart of downtown Stockholm there is a hotel catered directly towards people like…. me!

I checked in at the front desk but was told I was too early for my room. The manager saw me sitting quietly, sketching each and every detail I saw into a notebook, and offered me a free coffee 🙂 As the weekend went on I discovered that the employees at this hotel are some of the most service minded of any I’ve seen; and I’ve stayed at a LOT of hotels over the years!!!

The ambiance of the hotel was simple wonderful. Every last detail had been thought out. They even had “newspapers” to introduce you to the hotel staff and local attraction: such as a haunted bar! (I love quirky haunted things!)

One of my favorite architectural details in the foyer was the earthquake/waterfall inspired column facades; they were crafted out of metal finished with a rust look and filled with a moss like material. Scandinavian’s are really talented at taking inspiration from nature and bringing it indoors. As an outdoorsey girl myself nothing makes me happier than seeing nature honored in a living space.

Some of the other fun aspects were skateboards that were hanging from a wall, and actually meant to be used; I’m not going to lie, I took one for a little roll down the hallway! There was also a climbing net to relax/play on, and bikes to take out.

I have to admit, I enjoyed watching all of the guests line up to enter the beautiful restaurant for the breakfast buffet, each with a “cool” haircut and sporty yet chic clothes.

That night I met up with my friend Johanna and went out for burgers and sweet potato fries at a local burger place in Stockholm! It was delicious.

Afterwards, I brought her back to the hotel to show off how absolutely cool it was! …and take pictures! We sat in the hotel bar drinking coffee and eating delicious deserts until the wee hours chatting about all kinds of fun things (but mainly business ideas!).

The next morning I got the enjoy the hotel buffet breakfast that I saw everyone in line for the day before (it’s included in the night’s price) and it was SO wonderful! From a table just of breads, to one of fruits and veggies, one with meats, baked goods, and then a whole row of hot foods.

I had such a wonderful time at this hotel and will definitely be back. The rooftop spa wasn’t open yet when I was there but will be finished any day now! I look forward to returning and experiencing that!! Thank you Downtown Camper by Scandic for the amazing time!


  1. Welcome back! Sounds like a lovely place. I’ve never been to Stockholm, but hope to see it one day (as well as Norway). 🙂

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