Easter style in Oslo

Easter is just one week away! What are your plans? I know back home in the states we would always wake up and have a big family breakfast with cinnamon buns, my mom’s secret family egg soufflé (I made this at the cabin last year!), all kinds of delicious things, and then of course… we’d follow the “bunny trail” (aka the trail of baby powder finger prints my mom had left) into the living room where we’d find massive Easter baskets filled to the brim with chocolate eggs, peeps, candy, and always a gift certificate for a girls weekend spa day with my mom and sister! And then of course, we’d get dressed in our Lilly Pulitzer pastel dresses and go to mass at our local church. I always love holidays with my family, full of laughter and funny stories.

This will be my third Easter in Norway. Every year we head out to the family cabin (which is more like a nice mountain house with heated floors, a sauna, and wifi!), where we will be six adults, two children, and two dogs (we have a cat sitter back home for our cat). It is a tight squeeze for all of us but we make it work! I look forward to Liv’s amazing hospitality… she always cooks beautiful meals, and a big spread of various things for breakfast. The cabin is always warm and in perfect condition.. it is so nice to return home to after we go out skiing for 4-5 hours! The beds are always super fluffy and there are always plentiful towels and things! In the afternoons we typically hang around and read or sit by the fire pit outside talking and eating hot dogs (and endless cups of Nespresso coffee)!

This year I am going to make an effort to “put the phone away” and get off of social media entirely while I am at the cabin. I truly think it’s important to make family time “family time” free from work, phones, social media, etc. I also think it’s just courteous to do this and instead focus on those around you: work and phones are for normal everyday life, not holidays. (I will call my family and best friends which I use Facebook messenger for, and maybe put up a post here!) I hope to get to know my family better this year, which I think will be easier since I know a lot more Norwegian now. I’ve been working really hard to learn Norwegian, I spend 12 hours a week in class before work and I’m now at the B1 level. I can read, understand quite a lot of conversations, I have a fairly large vocabulary but I haven’t entirely put the pieces together for how to speak with proper grammar… but I can certainly get my point across!

In terms of skiing, Rasmus and I have also had a few other cross country ski trips this year so hopefully I’m better prepared than last! I think the key is to get really low, like really really low bent knees… I’ve always been weary of doing that because I thought it would make me go to fast but it really helps take the pressure off of the knees and more on the muscles which gives more power and control especially down hills and around turns! (Thank you Liv Guri and Gunnar for the private ski lessons!!). I hope to get some great scenery and family photos to show this year… it will also be my 28th birthday on Easter Sunday, April 1st.

Here are some Easter at the cabin looks and picks (links to items beneath, I do not make any money off of this blog so these are purely my suggestions and preferences without monetary incentive!)


Wool sweater, wool socks, and hat by Kari Traa. Mittens by Hestra. Wind proof jacket by BJØRN DÆHLIE. Waxless mountain skis by BC. And the worlds best downhill skis made out of bamboo by Liberty skis. And always… bring a Kvikk Lunsj (more or less a KitKat bar), peeled orange, and hot chocolate with you on the ski trip 🙂


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