My birthday!

This year my birthday fell over the Easter holiday weekend and we were at the cabin with Rasmus’s whole family (my mother in law had a beautiful cake for me that day, my sister in law Caroline captured the day on her blog).

(photo credit: Lars-Kristian Eriksen)

Before the Easter holiday Rasmus and I had arranged to celebrate my birthday in Oslo the weekend after! So… yesterday was “my special day!”

We started out with a relaxing morning where Rasmus gave me a gift card to Kicks to pick out my favorite makeup, and also a great soap and lotion kit from Rituals, which I love!

Then we went on a beautiful walk and ended up at our neighborhood restaurant, The Laundromat where we had a delicious brunch together!! It is a beautiful and quirky restaurant where people come to hang out and chat, have brunch, do work… etc! We sat in a back room where the walls are covered in paintings from all over the world, mid century style furniture fills the large space, and tons of books line the walls.

We then walked down to the shopping area and I picked out some things which I used my gift card for!

In deciding what to do for dinner I pick “Thanksgiving!”. Last time I was in the US I brought back things like cranberry sauce, stuffing, and turkey gravy! The food is so cozy and I love the sentiment behind Thanksgiving, it’s perfect for a birthday. We also stopped by the delicious little boutique butcher/market Gutta på Haugen in our neighborhood of St. Hanshaugen to pick up some brie, crackers, and strawberries! We couldn’t resist have the brie as a mid afternoon snack!

I made dinner and prepared chocolate covered strawberries (these are 100% my favorite dessert) using Freia cooking chocolate, and it’s quite easy! Just melt the chocolate in a bowl sitting in boiling water, dip them in, place them on baking paper, let them cool in the fridge for a few hours and there you go! You can also add white chocolate for detailing if you’d like!

It was a great day!! We rounded out the evening with my choice of movie, a lovely Jane Austen story, Love & Friendship... followed by Rasmus’s choice of… a shark attack movie: Deep Blue Sea (I wouldn’t recommend that one…).

It was an amazing day. Thank you Rasmus for your amazing friendship and for being the love of my life! ♥️

Outfit: this is my go-to look. Straight leg dark jeans, sneakers, a crew neck sweater, pearls, and a simple jacket… and I love pretty accessories, this time I threw in a scarf headband!

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