10k Running Race! Oslo’s Annual Sentrumsløpet

On Saturday I made a quick decision to run in Oslo’s famed annual 10k running raced known as Sentrumsløpet! The weather was perfect, and the energy just right. 

I started out the morning with a light breakfast followed by a brisk walk with Rasmus, we spent the midday out on the terrace soaking in the sun and drinking lots of water!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of my fitness/athletic experience it’s to drink a LOT of water, to eat a LOT of healthy carbohydrates, and to stretch/warmup prior to a race; I made sure to incorporate all of these on this race day.

The race was set to begin around 16:00, with my wave beginning at 16:18. About half an hour before I ate my last two rice cakes and had my last sips of water. I had picked out everything I’d wear: my lucky LuluLemon running tights, my favorite Kari Traa wool socks (lined with baby powder to prevent blisters), my Hoka One Speed Instinct sneakers, my race provided shirt, and my much needed electronics (Garmin 920xt heart rate monitor/smart watch and cordless bluetooth headphones by Sudio)… of course I also managed to put on mascara, bronzer, and my favorite lucky body lotion by Rituals!

It was very calm when I got down to the starting area (although Norwegian standards might call it chaos!). I lined up with my group, and just as I crossed the start line I clicked start on my watch! This was really fun too because earlier that day I had sent a link from my “Garmin live tracking” watch to my parents in NJ, my husband Rasmus (who was waiting by the finish for me!), and my uncle in Florida! As soon as I started my run they were able to track my whole race and I would get their inspirational messages right on my watch! So cool!!

I really enjoyed the Sentrumsløpet run here in Oslo. The afternoon was cool, it was calm, and I really enjoyed getting to run around my new home city. It was beautiful. I can’t wait to do it again! … and of course I treated myself to some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! Thanks for spending the afternoon supporting me Rasmus!

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