A Sunny Day Walking and Dining in Oslo with Friends, Turned Rainstorm!


In Norway May is the month of days off from work! Having lived here for well over a year, I now understand why these days are so well deserved. It’s been a LONG, DARK, and COLD winter, and about three weeks ago the sun and warmth finally came out! It’s been such a treat.

This week we had off for Ascension day and no one in Norway was eager to stay indoors! Rasmus and I started out the morning with a brisk walk through our part of town, St. Hanshaugen, through the beautiful section of Frogner, down to the pier at Aker Brygge, and then home for a lovely brunch!



In the afternoon I met up with three of my lovely girlfriends, Carrie, Carina, and Sire at the Bygdøy peninsula for a long power walk! We absolutely loved the perfect walking weather, and Carina’s little dog Betty loved having fun in the sun and sand as well!


I love all of the beautiful homes on the peninsula! They have so much character!


After the walk we went back to Carrie’s beautiful apartment where everyone changed for dinner.


We dropped Betty off at home, and headed back out to Bygdøy where we caught a small ferry out to an island where the Lille Herbern restaurant is located! Taking the little ferry boat out to the island was so charming and really added an extra element of something special.


Once inside, we all just felt so at ease! Although it was already past 19:00 (7pm) the sun was still bright as it began to lower down in the distance. The breeze was blowing just right and we were giggling and sipping rose.


But within an instant, a full blown storm came tearing through! The patio we were sitting on had its roof torn off and shrieks from guests (myself included) sent chills though our bones! It was a “tropical storm” caused by the sudden heat! We all relocated indoors (after a short stay in the kitchen) while the staff wrestled with the patio awnings being torn away by the strong winds and rain.


Once inside the restaurant we were a bit shaken up, but it was exciting! It felt like we were on a ship at sea! The wait staff was soaking wet, and so was the grill, but the time flew by. It made for a truly excellent ambiance! Plus, the seafood platters were certainly worth waiting for! We had a truly lovely and exciting day!


Hurray for Spring in Norway!

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