Pony Rides for My Nieces in Moss, Norway!

Last weekend I finally had the opportunity to take my nieces for pony rides!! Horses have been the one source of joy that has followed me through my entire life and I will love them forever. And I love sharing my passion with others, especially kids!! I was so excited when my sister-in-law Caroline agreed to take them riding with me!

A few weeks ago I reached out to my friend Thea from the Norwegian Polo Club to see if we could take the girls for a little ride! She said yes! Their main headquarters stable is in Fredrikstad, but every Sunday during the spring and summer they bring their horses to the beautiful Stall Kubberød in Moss to have polo lessons, group events, and polo club rides.

The morning of the planned ride the little pony had actually gotten loose and eaten grass for hours and they were afraid he would colic! When the girls arrived, I actually got on on of the polo horses myself and rode around with my oldest niece (4) in my lap. She became so brave so quickly that she then sat on the horse alone while I held her leg still, and Thea guided the horse.

(Photo credit: Lars-Kristian Eriksen via Caroline’s stunning post about the day: “Hest er Best” www.CarolineBergEriksen.no)

After going around for quite some time, some of the other little girls at the stables went and got the little pony – he was feeling much better. The little girls helped with taking my nieces around on the pony, it was so sweet! My youngest niece, who’s only 2, sat up there for a moment but wasn’t quite so sure about it! She was so sweet and brave though – we’ll try again next time!!

The girls had a really fun time and it was such a gorgeous day out. We really enjoyed it! Thank you to Thea from the Norwegian Polo Club for lending us your horses and time!!

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