Rasmus’s 31st Birthday in Oslo, at Our Favorite Restaurant!

This week in Oslo it has been SO HOT! In fact, it’s been the hottest May in over 100 years… but that made this day extra special! The birds were chirping, butterflies flying, flowers blooming, and iced drinks flowing! The perfect ambient setting for a Friday spring afternoon, right?!

After work Rasmus and I met up and headed down to our favorite local restaurant, Heim, in our neighborhood of St. Hanshaugen. We think Heim is the best restaurant in Oslo. Just saying.

We love the cozy feel and the delicious food!

Neither Rasmus nor I are big drinkers, I have less than 10 drinks in a whole year. But special occasions call for special measures! I had a fruity mango beer, and Rasmus had a Aperol Spritz. They were light, refreshing, and the perfect drinks for a hot spring date-night.

It was so cute when the waiter brought over popcorn instead of bread! We loved it.

For dinner Rasmus went for the fish and chips, and I the chicken salad.

For dessert we shared a chocolate cream pudding with citrus ice cream.

Then we enjoyed a walk back through the park of St. Hanshaugen. It was a dreamy evening! Happy 31st birthday to my amazing husband Rasmus!

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